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December 23, 2016

Engagement Weddings

And it continues y’all!!!

The second half of 2016 was a doozy with incredible weddings, exciting proposals and engagement sessions, and the most epic trip of inspiring photoshoots in New Orleans! Take a look!!


Betsy and Andrew had the most fun party in Topanga, with family and friends from all over joining them to celebrate in the most collaborative wedding to date.

2016-12-20_0069 2016-12-20_0070 2016-12-20_0071 2016-12-20_0072 2016-12-20_0073 2016-12-20_0074 2016-12-20_0075 2016-12-20_0076 2016-12-20_0077 2016-12-20_0078 2016-12-20_0079The weddings keep coming with Stephanie and Eli’s gorgeous Bel Air Bay Club wedding in Pacific Palisades! This couple is one of the most endearing and supportive that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and I look forward to creating their wedding book for them this https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-en-pharmacie/ holiday break!

2016-12-20_0109 2016-12-20_0110 2016-12-20_0111 2016-12-20_0112 2016-12-20_0113 2016-12-20_0114 2016-12-20_0115 2016-12-20_0116 2016-12-20_0117 2016-12-20_0118 2016-12-20_0119

Christi and Mark had the most gorgeous celebration at Sunstone in Santa Ynez this fall… one word: PINK (even that dress!)!!!

2016-12-20_0001 2016-12-20_0002 2016-12-20_0003 2016-12-20_0004 2016-12-20_0005 2016-12-20_0006 2016-12-20_0007

We had a few epic engagement sessions this year, and two of which were captured with the proposal itself! I LOVE this, and shake with anticipation for these loves.

Devon and Carl have the sweetest love story, beating international boundaries and sailing into the sunset together!

2016-12-20_0008 2016-12-20_0009 2016-12-20_0010 2016-12-20_0011 2016-12-20_0012 2016-12-20_0013 2016-12-20_0014

And Phillip might have been the most nervous guy I’d never met! hahah But boy did it pay off, and Michelle is one happy gal! And how lucky that she got to celebrate with family at the gorgeous Sunstone Villa!

2016-12-20_0045 2016-12-20_0046 2016-12-20_0047 2016-12-20_0048 2016-12-20_0049 2016-12-20_0050 2016-12-20_0051 2016-12-20_0052 2016-12-20_0053

And now we head South. New Orleans has a special place in my heart, so I travelled there in November to create a Southern portfolio with amazing vendors in NOLA. This week was unforgettable!

We started at Felicity Church with the most romantic and luxurious design by Logan Doerries Design!

2016-12-20_0036 2016-12-20_0037 2016-12-20_0038 2016-12-20_0039 2016-12-20_0040 2016-12-20_0041 2016-12-20_0042 2016-12-20_0043 2016-12-20_0044

Next we headed to Catahoula Hotel with Mint Julep Productions for this vibrant elopement inspiration!!

2016-12-20_0021 2016-12-20_0022 2016-12-20_0023 2016-12-20_0024 2016-12-20_0025 2016-12-20_0026 2016-12-20_0027 2016-12-20_0028

On our third day in NOLA we got play with Brandy and Michael in the streets of this historic city!! How gorgeous are they?!

2016-12-20_0029 2016-12-20_0030 2016-12-20_0031 2016-12-20_0032 2016-12-20_0033 2016-12-20_0034 2016-12-20_0035

And last but not least, we ventured to Baton Rouge to play with Megan and Tina, for this same-sex inspired elopement!

2016-12-20_0016 2016-12-20_0017 2016-12-20_0018 2016-12-20_0019 2016-12-20_0020


And while that wraps our wedding inspiration and reflection for the year, this year my life changed when Kyle asked me to be with his wife. I’m thrilled to be planning my own wedding and will share more along the way!

Until then, Happiest of Holidays and Cheers to a brilliant 2017!



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