August 1, 2016


I cannot believe its August. What’s that saying… the days are long, but the years are short! It’s so true. It’s exciting but its also so fleeting! Today, I launch my blog. These are not words that I had ever anticipated typing. You see, I had a blog once before. But it was without purpose, a voice, and passion. Years have passed, and with encouragement from others, I’ve realized that I do love sharing my story, and the stories I’m lucky to capture along the way.

I grew up in a family of talent. My father was an educator, albeit “boring” history but he was also an adventurer. Not in the most literal sense, but he would seek the truths of these history books and encourage his students and us (my sister and I) to get excited about it. He’d guide his athletes during his time as a Varsity Coach in Golf and Football. If you could have seen him pace up and down that field, you’d too think he had some adventure in him. He’s quiet and surprising, humble, and encouraging of all things…even outside of his interest.

My mother, also an educator (art teacher), but really, a curator of life. If you’ve ever met her, you know that she is the zest in the lemon pie. She is the one who I get my little bit of crazy from…in the best possible way (love you mom!). She’s the risk-taker and rule-breaker. She was at home with us growing up, and the constant encourager of creativity. Let’s just say our school projects were never average. If I have ever doubted myself, all I do is call and she puts it all back into place. She gave me the best nickname a girl could ask for “Little Miss Queen Shit”. Ha! It really was endearing though, and if you knew me as a kid, I deserved it.

My sister designs life’s special moments, everything from weddings, sports franchise galas, and now corporate events. She is the gal that continues to push the boundaries of the corporate event world. Her latest endeavors were the acheter sildenafil mylan kopen massive community focused Pope’s visit to the US, and last week’s Democratic National Convention in Philly. We are beyond proud of what she’s been a part of. And while my mom gave me my first camera before venturing off to Camp Tekakwitha, my sister is the first one who really pushed me towards photography by ensuring I got into the entry level photo class my freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota. She knew the popularity and held my spot during registration as a senior so that I could get in. Once I was, I took every course they offered. That was the start of my career.

I thought I wanted to get

into high fashion, and quickly realized that arena was not my scene. Years passed, I graduated with a degree in Design and Photography, but the photo aspect remained a hobby, and a dream. I eventually migrated west to help out some family still in search of what really inspired me to wake up everyday… after a few years on the west coast, I started my journey to obtaining my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Fine Art Photography. It was during that time that my business was born. I was asked to photograph a wedding. I charged $400. I had no clue what I was doing but I did it, and before I was “ready”. That snowballed and after 5 or 6 weddings, which I really enjoyed, I thought why fight it?! Because I was fighting it… you see, in the fine art world… weddings were a cop out. “Pretty” wasn’t deep enough… tortured enough to be considered fine art. (Side note: My “pretty” 8-piece exhibition for my MFA class was the only to sell all 8 pieces. Pretty Sells.) But for some reason, I stuck it out against the critics and I’m here today writing about it after 8 years of photographing weddings, paying my bills, and being published in some of the highest level outlets for the wedding industry.

This introduction is purely personal, because for those who don’t know me, I want you to, especially if you’re considering allowing me the honor of documenting your most special moments. I really care about this industry, my craft, and you. This blog will of course display the amazing events and people I get to capture on film and digital, and other topics of interest like travel, fashion, design, DOGS!!!, and photography tips along the way, but this first part is sharing my heart.

I am a firm believer of preservation. While yes I am a millennial, I don’t however agree with letting your images live in cyberspace or in pixelated square format. If you’re an artist, print your work. If you are a human that has had moments that you will treasure forever captured, print them. After all the years are short, and the time passes whether you’re ready or not… so what better way to remember than through a photograph.


xo, M