I was on a podcast and I couldn’t stop talking!

February 13, 2018


You guys! I was on a podcast and I couldn’t stop talking!

I met Amani a handful of times at a few networking events, and our last encounter ended with me committing to being a guest on his podcast The Amani Experience.

And boy, am I glad I did. It was so fun, and easy, and it’s a great reminder to take my own advice from time to time!

Please give it a listen, she’s long winded as usual but I think you’ll find great value in it – especially you creative entrepreneurs!

Listen Here! 

wedding industry professionals behind the scenes at a podcast recording

Show Notes:

5:15: Why getting her Masters of Fine Arts at Brooks College was the most challenging educational experiences in her life.

9:36: How wedding photography chose Molly.

12:10: What inspired Molly to switch from a fashion focus to a photography focus.

12:59: What sports Molly played growing up.

21:44: “In a life of fleeting moments, I get to make time stand still.”

23:50: How did Molly get through her fear of going out on her own.

24:36: How Molly avoids the “comparison trap.”

29:16: “It shouldn’t be easy”.

35:15: “You are not as lost as you think you are.”

38:24: Molly’s perspective on charging low prices and knowing your worth.

46:57: How her destination wedding business was born.

50:11: The color green, bunnies and buttered popcorn with salt.


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