My Top 10 Destination Wedding Wishlist

January 16, 2018

Personal Weddings

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ll know that I travel quite a bit. I’m very lucky to get to travel for weddings as well, both within the states and internationally. Some of my favorites have been Switzerland and France, and I really loved visiting New Orleans too. Regardless of the location, I love photographing in new regions. It’s unexpected and exciting and eliminates any aspect that might be deemed mundane!

The more you travel, the more you want to, so I’m bringing you my top 10 destination wedding wishlist, AND if you are looking to get married in any of these locations please reach out as I’d be happy to waive my travel fees to document your special day!

In no particular order:

Edinburgh, Scotland. I fell in love with this city in 2005 and have been itching to get back!!!

Dreamy location for Scotland Wedding

Croatia. Anyway, any time of year just take me.

Secret location for Croatia wedding

The Maldives. Who could resist these waters?? I love a good tropical wedding!

Sandy beaches perfect for a wedding in the Maldives

New Zealand. Our awaited Honeymoon destination, but would oh so love a wedding while I’m there!

New Zealand Beach wedding locations

Greece. The epitome of light and airy…. it’s what dreams are made of.

Picture perfection location for a wedding in Greece

Banff, Canada. I’m a HUGE fan of lakes… apparently very cold ones at that.

Destination wedding in Banff Canada

Norway. My homeland and heritage and possibly #1 on my destination list for work or leisure!

Dream wedding location in Norway

Spain. Too much culture and detail to be ignored!! Give me all the secret passageways!

Adorable cobblestone street perfect for wedding portraits in Spain

On African Safari. For the animals if we’re being honest!

African Safari destination wedding

The Italian Coastline. Anywhere from Riomaggiore to Postiano, I’ll scale cliffside for the perfect shot!

Perfect coastline wedding in Italy

Alright, so those are mine! Where would you want to travel for a wedding???


All travel images found on the awesome site Unsplash. When I get to these locations, I’ll do a recap post of my Top 10 Destination Weddings I’ve Photographed!!!