Why a wedding coordinator is a MUST HAVE!

April 2, 2018

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Why you should MUST have a Wedding Coordinator.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding or budget is, this is single handedly one of the best decisions you’ll make on your wedding day.

Whether you get someone just for day of implementation of your vision, or you have a wedding designer that creates your dream wedding from scratch, this person will make your life SO MUCH EASIER.

As a recent bride myself, I can tell you that my girl Teal of Hive Events SB knew that I had a vision in mind, but she also knew that I didn’t want to bogged down with any decisions the day of, and that included cueing the music and telling people when to “GO!”. She helped me implement my multi day celebration and I could not have felt more relaxed.

From a photographer stand point; the wedding coordinator is our best friend. Not only do we have a designated point person who we can chat with about details without bugging the bride or bridal party, but also the coordinator allows us to do OUR job, photograph. All too often, when no coordinator is on a gig, I step into the role of timeline keeper. Not only does this distract me from my duty as photography but it also cripples my freedom of creativity with my clients. When I’m worrying about ceremony times and whether things are ready to shoot, I’m not giving my full attention to my client, which is a super big bummer.

This has become such an issue that I now have a clause in my contract talking specifically to this point. Even the contemplation of adding a fee for weddings that do not have a coordinator has crossed my mind.

So do yourself (and everyone involved) a big favor and get a coordinator on your side at least 90 days before your big day – you’ll thank yourself later!!

Here are some of my favs — killing it at their craft!

magnolia farms wedding planner

Kate at Blue Door Creative who will design the wedding of your dreams that Chip and JoJo would love too!


Lady liberty event planning at big daddy antiques

Liberty and the ladies of Lady Liberty Events killing it at Big Daddy Antiques


Smoky Hollow Studios events coordinator

Gabby of Cause We Can Events slaying our holiday tablescape at Smoky Hollow Studios


Sunstone winery wedding photographer

Jill & Co Events crushing the design game at Sunstone Winery for Christi and Mark’s winery wedding


Bel Air Bay Club wedding photographer

Gina Wade Creative creating a beautiful ceremony spot at Bel Air Bay Club


Sogno del fiore wedding photographer

Erika of Event Bliss SB putting together the most perfect summertime table at Sogno del fiore in Santa Ynez


Malibu mountain wedding inspiration

The ladies of Gather Events after implementing the dreamiest mountainside ceremony site


Felicity Church wedding photographer

Logan Doerries Design adding the finishing touch to a gorgeous day at Felicity Church in New Orleans