hello! You’re here, and I’m so glad you are!

Thanks for taking a peek behind the curtain to find out a bit more about me! 

A few things you should know:

I grew up in a small, midwestern town and feel super grateful to my family for nurturing my creativity (I’m looking at you Mom!). 

We had a darkroom in our house, but I never got to use it because that is where my mom stashed our Christmas presents and she kept it a secret for nearly 2 decades (again, I’m looking at you Mom!). 

I might, just MIGHT, be the photographer who will take your fiancee’s hand during a photoshoot and then break into a belly laugh, because, well I’m holding your fiancee’s hand! 

I am a fiercely loyal friend, a trait I’ve had for as long as I can remember. This comes in handy when I need to gently remove you from an awkward conversation with weird Uncle Bob during cocktail hour. You’re welcome. 

I have my Masters in Fine Art Photography, and one of my all time favorite photographers is Lillian Bassman. Her work is thoughtful, provocative for the time, and pretty. And pretty sells! 

I’m a newlywed myself (married May 2017), and had anything but a smooth wedding planning process (cue the landslide that wiped out our venue 8 weeks before the wedding - and don’t get me started on the dress fiasco)! I’ll tell you that story, but I’ll need a cocktail for that one. A grapefruit radler for me please! 

My sister and I got married just three months apart, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about that summer for the world. Hands down the best and most precious days of my life with my family.

I’m a straight forward kind of gal. I appreciate honesty and kindness and think they go hand in hand! 

In college, I thought I would become a teacher and quickly realized I needed to work with people who could understand and appreciate sarcasm, and let’s face it, most kids don’t! 

My background in design and fashion get me all sorts of excited when I get to shoot lifestyle and editorial work. It’s like playing dress up as adults! 

I’m the co-founder of Brand Camp, a female entrepreneur retreat meant to spoil boss babes while upleveling their business in a luxury destination. I mean, how fun is that?!

I’m a world traveller and have circled the globe a number of times and have photographed in some of the most majestic of places. My travel wish list currently includes Norway, Croatia, New Zealand, Greece, Amalfi Coast, and an African Safari. 

I have had a crazy obsession with the movie Labyrinth since a young age — it grows with each passing year! My dream is to have a family and go as the cast of characters for Halloween one year. Dogs included. 

I volunteer at local dog rescue. On my first day I brought a dog home. It’s always risky when I walk in the door as I might walk out with another! My husband says 2 is enough for now, but you can’t plan when you find a furry friend that NEEDS to be a part of your family. Who am I to question destiny?

A handwritten note beats a text any day. I might be a “millennial” (born in ’84) but I’m old enough to be pre-technology and I sometimes miss the simpler way of life.


I still get goosebumps at every wedding I photograph. Whether its seeing a bride in her dress, a groom getting emotional, or the overall joy of the entire day, I can’t help but fog up my viewfinder now and again fighting back tears. 

I take so much pride in being a friend and supporter of your journey and I love to make people feel supremely special. I’ve been given the gift to be able to make time stand still and it’s my joy to share those moments with you! 

You made it to the end. You get a prize! It can be collected at a coffee date or happy hour sometime soon!