2016 | A look back…Part One | Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer, Top 5 Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

December 22, 2016


2016 has been an epic year… FOR SO MANY REASONS!!! Molly + Co is growing with the development of our associate collections and numerous publications to be so ver thankful for. We once again had the BEST couples trust us to document their most special day, and with the teams they’ve assembled, it was a dream to help preserve those memories!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?


It all started with an inspiration shoot in Santa Barbara, that went on to get featured on Flutter here! Working with this dream team was one of the highlights of my year and kept me inspired all year long!

2016-12-20_0120 2016-12-20_0121 2016-12-20_0122 2016-12-20_0123 2016-12-20_0124 2016-12-20_0125 2016-12-20_0126

This next wedding was the first of many trips to Sunstone for me this year, and it was the sweetest display of love and affections as these Georgia peaches brought their family to the central coast to say “I-do”!

2016-12-20_0080 2016-12-20_0081 2016-12-20_0082 2016-12-20_0083 2016-12-20_0084 2016-12-20_0085 2016-12-20_0086 2016-12-20_0087 2016-12-20_0088 2016-12-20_0089 2016-12-20_0090

I only do a handful of inspiration shoots per year, but this one had me so excited (I even shot it on the morning of another wedding! See all the gorgeous details that inspired this French/California inspired design.

2016-12-20_0096 2016-12-20_0097 2016-12-20_0098 2016-12-20_0099 2016-12-20_0100 2016-12-20_0101 2016-12-20_0103 2016-12-20_0104 2016-12-20_0105 2016-12-20_0106 2016-12-20_0107 2016-12-20_0108

Later that June day I headed to Pasadena for the intimate and lovely nuptials of Amy and Dale, one of the most sincere ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed!

2016-12-20_0061 2016-12-20_0062 2016-12-20_0064 2016-12-20_0065 2016-12-20_0066 2016-12-20_0067 2016-12-20_0068

I was so excited to come in a shoot details for Michel B events at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa…. what a fun and vibrant design to document!

2016-12-20_0091 2016-12-20_0092 2016-12-20_0093 2016-12-20_0094 2016-12-20_0095

And to wrap up part one of this yearly review, I was beyond excited to document the cupcake queen’s wedding in Santa Barbara with our Associate Janine!!!

2016-12-20_0054 2016-12-20_0055 2016-12-20_0056 2016-12-20_0057 2016-12-20_0058 2016-12-20_0059 2016-12-20_0060